We Fly Free | Back at It…Phuket Thailand
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Back at It…Phuket Thailand

Cara and I have been super busy with our indoor cycle studios in Charlottesville, VA and Huntsville, AL, so we’ve had much, much, much less time to travel. It turns out that owning a small, local business is a lot of work, and you have to be there pretty often. Owning two of them in different States is … significantly harder.

But we’ve carved out a little bit of time this month to finally take a trip, and I’m commited to updating the blog with the entire adventure! We’re returning to one of our favorite places we’ve been before, and can’t wait to head back!

You can expect a post about:

To pay for this trip we redeemed:

  • 215,000 Aeroplan Miles for IAD-NRT-BKK-HKT.
  • Cash for Novotel BKK.
  • Combination of ~300,000 Bank of America Travel Rewards Points + Cash for Trisara.
  • 40,000 Singapore KrisFlyer Miles for HKT-SIN.
  • 225,000 Singapore KrisFlyer Miles for SIN-ZRH-FRA-IAD.

Note: we actually saved miles on the Singapore to Washington leg by adding the long haul flight to Washington. Before Singapore’s recent award pricing changes, when we booked our tickets, it actually cost more to fly to Europe in First Class on Star Alliance partners than North America. [Currently, the mileage cost is higher for North America, but the premium is extremely small given Europe-North America is an intercontinental flight.]

We earned the Aeroplan miles by transfering over points from American Express. KrisFlyer miles were earned by transfering a combination of Citi ThankYou points and Amex points.  All in all, we’ll spend 780,000 points from various programs and some cash as well.

Obviously, this is a lot of points to spend on a single trip, but we rack up a decent amount pretty quickly with business spend at two locations, and right now, frankly, we have more points than time to use them. So when we do use points, it’s not the end of the world to blow a bunch. Not only do we have enough left over to cover any type of emergency travel and/or spontaneous trip ideas, but we’ll continue to earn them at a significant rate through business spend.

Beyond that, though, the redemptions are actually pretty good value.  We’re spending about 200k miles per person to fly first class basically around the world crossing both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans in some great products (Singapore, Thai, ANA, and hopefully Lufthansa).  Bank of America points are a fixed value currency, so we’re getting as much value from them as we’d ever get doing anything else.

Looking forward to the trip and sharing updates!

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