Concierge Award Booking Services

The Best of the Best! Priced at $500 per couple or $750 per family.

What the heck is concierge award booking?  If you’ve used award booking services from other bloggers or services in the past, have you ever noticed that your trips never quite look like their trips?

I’ve been doing award bookings for a couple years, and at first, quite frankly, I didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought I was going to.  Initially, I thought I’d be doing something I loved (searching for award flights) and making money doing it—what could be better, right?

But it quickly became a chore, and I couldn’t figure out why until it hit me: I didn’t love searching for flights; I loved building fantastic trips.  I wasn’t treating the trips like my own… really getting invested in them and building the best possible trips.  I was simply meeting a checklist of conditions (dates, class of service, airlines, etc) and getting people booked as quickly as possible… which quite frankly at the ~$150/person price point is all that I could afford to do.

It was not previously to my advantage, nor is it to the advantage of any other award booking service currently known to me, to, for instance, tell clients to wait for better availability, or recommend that they not convert their SPG points to AA miles just because it makes my job doable immediately.  My goal is to become your trusted travel consultant for all your trips.  I want to hear about not just the trip you’re currently planning to Spain, but the trip you have planned next year to Australia.  It will help me do a better job with both trips — the same way I do with my own.

All other award booking services are incentivized to get you booked right away because it’s the only way they’re going to get paid.  The award booking process at every other service is perfectly analogous to an emergency medical clinic: meet em, greet em, treat em, and street em.  That is: get clients serviced and out the door ASAP.

OK, now that I’ve told you how concierge award booking is the best thing since sliced bread, that’s great.  But tangibly what’s different about my concierge service than a typical award booking service?  What marginal benefits are there?

  1. A holistic approach that considers all of your travel goals, and providing maximum value.  Award booking isn’t just about finding seats, it’s about booking seats at the right time, avoiding change fees for upgrades when possible, and if nothing fantastic is available, knowing when to wait.
  2. Change alerts.  I will use the paid services to which I subscribe, along with my own periodic monitoring to constantly monitor your itinerary for ways in which we can improve it.  Voluntary changes will not cost you money like they do with other services.
  3. Hotel advice–both points and non-points based.  Never been to Bali?  Not sure about the different Arrondissements in Paris?  Got you covered!

If you’re ready to get started, just fill out the form below.  This is all just a quick background to get me started and offer some initial suggestions and from there we will talk much more in depth about what you want to do:

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“I consider myself pretty good with miles, but was having trouble booking an award for my wife and I to Israel in business class.  Justin suggested a routing I hadn’t thought of, but we really enjoyed the trip including the free stopover he also suggested.  I highly recommend his services for everyone; he was super quick to respond to all of our questions and we ended up with the trip of a lifetime.”

-Marshall G (Charlottesville, VA)


“I will simply never use miles again without consulting Justin.  Using his services has shown me how much I’ve overpaid for mileage tickets in the past.”

-David R (Atlanta, GA)


“I was about to spend over 100,000 Amex points to fly with my class from New York to Shanghai and back from Hong Kong to New York in economy.  Thankfully, a friend recommended I speak with Justin first.  He clued me in to an Amex transfer bonus, and was able to use my Amex points (about 20,000 fewer) and United miles to book the entire trip in business and first class.   Suffice to say, next time the entire class will be consulting with him before any future trips.  Thanks Justin!”

-Sara M (New York, NY)


“I sell mileage tickets as discounted business class airfare.  Justin is an absolutely invaluable resource in finding award space for me when I can’t find any.   His wizardry has allowed me to book literally dozens of tickets I would not have been able to otherwise.”

-Hans C (Washington, DC)



“Justin was able to find my family four seats in business class to Europe this summer…highly recommend!”

-Jonathan L (New York, NY)